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Welcome to the Homepage of the Korea Publication Ethics Commission.

Korea Publication Ethics Commission aim at protecting the youth from harmful publications and taking social and ethical responsibilities as prescribed by the Enforcement Decree of the Publication and Printing Promotion Act.
Needless to say, the youth will carry on our hopes and lead our future. So, we believe that one of the better ways of enhancing our future is to provide them with good books that can help to roaden visions and to guide to the right way.

And the 21st century is the era of information technology, in which a country's power and status depends on its well-developed and competitive assets including its culture and knowledge. To elevate nation's cultural competitiveness is to strive for a better tomorrow. So, human eativeness is really significant in the coming era and publications of quality can develope it. Hence, our major activities are to help the youth acquire good and proper book-reading habits and to make the sound environment for the publication.

We are looking forward to your kind advice and strong support.
Thank you.